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ALIDA Operating Co, Inc.

We pride ourselves on providing invaluable services to HOAs/COAs and their property managers throughout S. Florida that facilitate the improvement of safety and appearance of their communities while preserving the integrity of property values. Our first division, Garing Parking Enforcement, was started in 2007 to help communities regain and maintain compliance with their vehicle restrictions and parking regulations. Our second division, Garing Property Services, was just launched with a similar intent of bringing the residences, recreational and common areas in a community into compliance with the community's governing documents pertaining to the appearance and upkeep of their dwellings. 

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It is really great working with you, your are very personable and very well versed.


Dear Paul,

Residents have actually been parking in the driveway - even in their garage! 

Barb DiLaura/President
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Dear Paul


I've read carefully the report of Garing’s parking ranger. I have no comment other than l do appreciate very much everything that he did on Saturday night, June 21, 2008 between 12:30 am and 1:50 am.

He conducted his duty strictly in accordance with the professional regulations of your company and the agreement with Sawgrass Preserve HOA. The owners of vehicles that were subject of towing in this incident were very well known as frequent violators, not only in illegal parking, but also in other cases (broken gate arm, tailgating...)

On behalf of the Association l praise the professional stand of your ranger and use this opportunity to thank him for everything he did that night to protect the Association rules. Could you please pass to him our great satisfaction for his approach in conducting of his duties.


Miro Imamovic

Dear Paul and the Garing Staff

Just so you know, we were more than satisfied with the patrols. I know what your guy went through at times; the threats […] abusive residents, etc. l also know it would be hard to duplicate this service for little or no cost if we choose to do so because you are extremely reasonable with the costs. You have been a tremendous help to our violation enforcement […] I just personally wanted you to know that we appreciate everything you have done for our community.


Chuck Forcucci
and the Genesis Board of Directors

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